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Personal letter to Saved-ones from IPP Foundation

Christian Walk with Jesus. What is next?

We bless you and pray for you. We hope you have established strong faith in Jesus through the written word and salvation prayer. Few people think salvation is the only thing they need. Salvation is only the beginning of your marvelous Christian walk with Jesus. In Christ you are New Creation, precious to God and translated into the Kingdom of God’s Son Jesus Christ. We hope now that you have understood the salvation and received Jesus and God’s Love into your life you start walking with Jesus in a new way that you never walked in this life before.

In Christ you shall find a lifechangeing purpose for your life in fellowship with other Christians and your spiritual growth in the Church. We hope and pray that if you have received Jesus you would find a Bible based home Church where you can grow and be in fellowship and communion with other Christians. We also hope you talk to your friends about Jesus and that you have received Jesus in your life. His Love, His personality and His Grace and Glory.
We hope that in your everyday walk with Jesus you are reading His precious Word – the Bible. We hope you pray daily to your heavenly Father and to Jesus. Anything you ask in Jesus name that Glorifies Father shall be fulfilled and given to you. Start using the Name of Jesus in your everyday walk. Start using the Name of Jesus that is above all the names in your life. And we promise you shall see the results of the prayers and the Name of Jesus.

We encourage you to hold your eyes on Jesus. Hold your faith on Jesus. Because now that you are saved you walk by faith not by sight. We bless you and pray that your measure of faith shall grow as you study God’s Word and walk daily in fellowship ( talking, praying ) to the Lord.

As you received Holy Spirit you received His Love and fellowship. In Christian walk you are led by the inner witness and the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is your connection with God. He indwells in you and He is the Spirit of Truth and Love. Guidance in your Christian walk. Communion with Him is undescribable. He is the Spirit of freedom and peace. And we pray that the fruits of the Spirit spring forth in your life.

Jesus Loves you, God Bless you, Sincerely,

Founder of Independent Gospel Ministry

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