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Salvation Prayer 2021


The Necessity of Peace of the Soul in Today’s 2021 – Control of the Spirit and the Word of God

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Hinge Rahu Vajalikkus Tänapäeva 2021 aastal – Vaimu ja Jumala Sõna kontroll Hinge Rahu Üle

Hinge Rahu Vajalikkus Tänapäeva 2021 aastal – Vaimu ja Jumala Sõna kontroll Hinge Rahu Üle

The Necessity of Peace of the Soul in Today’s 2021 – Control of the Spirit and the Word of God

Over the Peace of the Soul I urge you to abide in determination because God has promised to maintain determination Peace, because one aspect of determination and the greatest power is to place Hope in God, the Almighty, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is also the Prince of Peace. His peace He gave us when we were in the world, but now that we are redeemed from the world, He gives us the determination that Isaiah 26: 3 writes about. He is the Eternal Father, the Messiah, who has already brought peace to earth, to all who believe in His name and have lost touch with the prince of the world, Satan. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, His Power is greater than the power of this world. Through this Hope, Salvation, and Grace, we can enter into His Wisdom, which is first pure, then peaceful, gentle, obedient, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial, without pretense. You people of the world also have the opportunity to receive His peace, He – Jesus has conquered the world. What does it mean? He has won power from any position trying to rob Peace. Christians are made ambassadors of peace if they do according to the Living Word of God, that when they see their good works, they may give praise to God, the Eternal, the Almighty, the Trinity. According to the Word of the living God, the Bible, the light of every Christian must be able to shine on a world created in light and not accepted by darkness. Anyone may ask? Why do you speak in equations? Talking in equations is a transmission of Spiritual understanding, and equations speak to each person individually.

Jesus has said Peace I leave you, my Peace I give you. Jesus does not give as the world gives, because there is harassment, violence, and corruption in the world that cannot speak to our human spirit or soul in the aspect of True Inner Peace that only the Trinity can give. That we who do according to His Will (the Bible) (which includes deeds) may have peace in Him. In Him and only in Him can our Human Soul rest, refreshed by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the Word of God. I encourage you to turn to the source of Peace and Light, who is Jesus Christ, the perfect man, and the perfect God. His resurrection from the dead gave every person who believes in him the authority to become sons and daughters of God, the Almighty, the Invisible, the Trinity. Jesus has come to conquer the world. The victory is recorded in the Bible in the form of the past. John 16:33. Determining one’s faith and trust and Hope in God and His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, is the achievement of Peace in a society that is fragmented and incomplete. Proportionally, Peace – Inner Peace is an additional factor in the life of every believer, as well as in the lives of those who have simply placed hope in the Prince of Peace – the head of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. Inner Peace and Security is growing in Wisdom to God, who alone can give us the assurance that results in Peace in Him. The spirit dominates the soul. So the Spirit is the Truth. As we write this, the equations take on a new form when we recognize them Spiritually, because there is always Peace in the Spirit, but the Soul wanders and must attain determination, hope, love in order to maintain its Peace. But as Christians, we are given a connection to God through the Holy Spirit, who fills everything and is a supporter of our soul, a builder (as the building is built), and He has settled as the Spirit of Peace in our Body, in connection with the Spirit, in the determination that only Hope on God can bring, and the Lord of Peace himself will give you Peace always and in every way. May the Lord be with all of you!

Worrying in the world. One of the weakest injections of the enemy of the soul, Satan, is worry, followed by fear and fragmentation. In which Faith is complete. Faith is Complete in keeping our thoughts in Jesus Christ forever, as well as the reflections of the heart and the whole area of ​​the soul in Him. For those of us who know God and are determined to embrace Him, God has promised that we will not worry, but that our needs will be covered, just as by faith, in prayer and supplication.

As the symbol of God’s Peace, it is more sublime than all understanding. Understanding is the Soul. The soul remains in Christ. When the soul remains in Christ, He has overcome the unrest of the world and attained a Stable Attitude – Peace. What to say to a fragmented military world? Zion is the likeness of the kingdom of God. Isaiah 52: 7 proclaims the beloved steps that are on the mountains by the Messenger. Isn’t Christ this messenger? When Isaiah already knew His birth during His prophetic ministry. The Savior Christ tells Zion, “Your God is King.” When God rules over nations, He has supremacy over Peace. Similarly, no one should violate moral standards, and the Bible declares that a Christian’s steps are Peaceful Steps. They proclaim the Coffin. Messiah. Resurrection. Are these three substances not enough to make a person change the direction of their soul’s beliefs? If so, the Power of the Resurrection will.

  1. Kui inimene tahab näha Issandat, tuleb tal Taotleda rahu kõikidega ja pühitsust – Heebrea 12:14.
  2. “Et me nüüd oleme saanud õigeks usust, siis on meil rahu Jumalaga meie Issanda Jeesuse Kristuse läbi,” – Roomlastele 5:1 –
  3. “Rahus ma heidan mahaning uinun,sest sina üksi, Issand,asetad mind julgesti elama.” – Psalm 4:9
  4. “ Rahutegijaile külvatakse rahus õiguse vilja.” – Jaakobuse 3:18
  5. “ Ja teie südameis valitsegu Kristuse rahu, millesse te olete kutsutud ühe ihuna. Ja olge tänulikud!” – Kolossa 3:15
  6. “ning olles usinad rahusideme kaudu pidama Vaimu antud ühtsust.” – Ef 4:3
  7. “Sest lihalik mõtteviis on surm, Vaimu mõtteviis aga elu ja rahu;” – Roomlastele 8:6

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