27. May 2024

Salvation Prayer 2021


Salvation Prayer 2021-2177

The Prayer of Salvation 2021-2177 | Real Salvation Prayer | Known as the Sinner’s Prayer. If you would like to pray the most important prayer in your life for the year 2019-2020 – the Prayer of Salvation – known as the Sinner’s Prayer or Commitment to Jesus. You can pray or renew your relationship with Jesus and enter two prayer requests. You have never prayed this before. Or you want to renew your relationship with Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. This Prayer of Salvation has been made in progressive revelation directly from the Lord and the Holy Bible.

Salvation by Grace, not of human merit and works.Mercy and Grace are the Love and Compassion of God towards us. In our trespasses God Love you so much that he sent His Son into this world to die on the Cross. And finish the work for what He came into the world – Save the humanity. Through Him the Grace and Truth came into the world. Jesus is Grace and Truth and the Salvation is possible only by Faith in Jesus. You are burning in the God’s Heart today to receive Jesus or renew your relationship with Him. Receive His Love, His Grace and His Holy Spirit. That is Real Salvation.

Dear Jesus!

I Believe You are the Son of od and only way to Father ning, that You died on the Cross for my sins and You are the only way to God. You have been risen from the dead and I believe You are Alive God. I repent that I have been living a sinful life, where I didnt know You (Rm 3:13)

I believe You shed Your Blood on the Cross Redeemed me from sin, saving me for makeing free from Your Grace (Rm.23:24). I ask You to Come Into My Heart.I take You now as an Lord and Saviour over my life. Free mind from everything that satan has binded me from the concequence of sin. Heal my Body Heal my Soul. I believe You took my sins on the Cross (Mat.8:17),to heal and free me. Guide me by my calling.

Now I Believe that in You I have Eternal life (Joh.3:16)

I Pray thet you would fill me with the Holy Sprit and Baptise me whit Holy Ghost and FIra (Mat.3:11).From now on I surrender in everything on Your Divine Will in my life and I ask You for a Guidance by The Holy Spirit like you guided Your Son, when He walked on earth

I Give myself wholly to You Jesus. I give myself wholly to You Holy Spirit;

Jesus – In You I have ETERNAL LIFE. This is Eternal Life, that they know You the only True God. I Surrender to be anointed with the Power of The Holy Spirit

And Now I confess :
Allmighty God is My FATHER
Jesus Christ is My SAVIOUR
Holy Spirit is my CONFORTER ( Johannese 16:7-15 ).
I Born Again From The Spirit and Water ( Johannese 3:5-6 ).
Inherited Eternal life, and part of the true Vine ( Roomlastele 12:5 ).