27. May 2024

Salvation Prayer 2021


Heaves are opened Prayer – Prayer that opens heavens for us – Fill us with the Power in Christ

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Taevas on avatud – Taevas on avatud meie palvete vastuseks – Täida meid oma Väega Kristuses

Taevas on avatud – Taevas on avatud meie palvete vastuseks – Täida meid oma Väega Kristuses

Dear Holy Spirit, in the Blood Covenant of Jesus Christ, we ask that you fill all the people listed with your power and cry out to the name of the Lord for all of us. We confess our sins and renounce them. Dear Holy Spirit, Please complete the following prayers for People who are on the list and who only God knows. Dear Holy Spirit, I lay down my will and pray, give me the strength to forgive all those people and all who have ever harmed me. I forgive Your Force and ask for forgiveness. Forgive us our debts just as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: for thine is the glory and the power, and the power, from everlasting to everlasting.I ask Heavenly Father to send your angels to war on all of us under PS91 and HB1: 14, and the angel of the Lord is a camp for those who fear Him. Dear Holy Spirit, I ask You to uproot all the idols that are within us and fill those places with your power from which Satan has come. We give up false tongues, eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, false love, false spiritual gifts.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. I ask for the Fear and Wisdom of God. The Lord makes us rich for every good work. Dear Jesus, give us finances to manage in your house and make us rich so that we can do many good things, even though good deeds cannot be saved Only YOUR BLOOD has redeemed us. Please the Power of the Holy Spirit. Healing. Spiritual gift. Blessings. Language translation. Speaking languages. The distinction of spirits gave. Prophets. Debt relief. The guidance of the Holy Spirit. Serious Freedom in the Spirit of God. Forgiveness of sins. So that they can forgive. Complete the number of these days. A prophetic speech. The seer gave. Overflowing Blessings. Demon Relief. To every one as the Spirit gives, for his ministry in Christ. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit. Protection of angels. 3 Angels with eagle wings around them Psalm 91. For He commands His angels for us, to keep us in all our ways. Agape We ask for love in all of us.

We ask this in the Blood Covenant and the Nativity of Jesus Christ, where we have received Jesus into our hearts and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. In the name of Jesus Christ and in the blood, Satan has no authority or authority over us because of the blood of Jesus.

In Heaven, we sign this covenant of prayer and the Peace of God, which is greater if all understanding keeps our thoughts in Jesus Christ forever. Through this signing. The blood cleanses us from sin, and in the open sky we hear everything that is written here. Respect Praise Thanks and Honor. Belong to the Father’s Son and the Holy Spirit.

We surrender and receive God’s Love for ourselves. We agree. God’s presence fills this place and there is a cardinal change in Christ. Amen.


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